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top secret

"That song is out of this world!"

"Your melody just took me to another place!"

"When I hear that piece, I could just . . . fly to the moon!"

You are close, human. We take you. You fly with us, and then you drop away to your reality.

We have you at soaring, smiling, lift you -save you- from this place you scurry through in patterns that mean only something to your money and ego.
But then, as you say: you 'bail out'.

Gifted among you speak with us and create places for you to go, within sound, inside of harmonies. Sometimes we are their muse.
For those among you capable of auditory skills, you can speak to us by listening.  Others, who hear nothing at all, can feel our rhythm, our pulse.

Sometimes it quickens, pounds, like your own heartbeat in a race.  Other times it is faint, and breathes, like your own end.

How is it we surround you in your day, hold you up like a robbery to different feelings, by the change of simply our song?
Can you see us for who we are?

Dancing piano keys circle you like the blanket you were first wrapped in.  Strings spin and lift you, just a little bit, like your mate did, during your wedding day first dance.
We soothe, as you heal from an illness, or march you off to one of your wars.
We make your heart and fist pump as your school song rings true, or put it thumping back into your throat, as your lost lover's favorite is played on the radio frequency ride home.

We are sharp.  We are flat.  We have always been with you, since the very first mother sang to her child.

We are the life you are looking for, 'out there' as you send film clips with our music scores, as messages, light years away on rocket ships.

But we are here.  We have always been.  We are flowing through you right now and will not stop, because if we do; we cease to be.
It is our life, our heartbeat, to pump the next note, to make your heart skip.

Our relationship is symbiotic.  Our lives depend on your audience.  But can you claim yours does not depend on us?
Have you ever found yourself alone, in silent solace, only then to produce tiny notes whistled or hum a consoling tune?
Are we dependent on your praise, your attention, or are you for the escape we provide, the rocket ride to the stars, to Mars,
when your feet stay right here on the ground . . .

"Your music takes me to a place I have always wanted to be, to where I should have been  all along."

It does.  We do.  We are ETI. We are music.

Our cohesion is so intertwined, separation is intangible.

Let us steal your souls, lift your blues, tap your toes. Travel with us. It is our gift ~ our reason for being here.

Now that you know, we can make your being lighter.
Let us lift you from this earth, for maybe just a little while, with a song.


© ruth follmann