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Awake on Inauguration Day
Inauguration Day 2013

I met a man who had never heard a sound

Who had nary seen light

Though not underground

He was hid in himself

In plain view of his face

He was lost in a coma

From which he was now torn, replaced

He asked me with speech generated by a computer screen

‘Where is this place from which I’ve landed, awake from my dream?’

I told him it was a Land of the Free

Protected by such ones as we call the ‘Brave’

We had our problems, but like any family, gifts about which we could rave

I told him of our harsh, straight backed ~ but sometimes broken start

I shared with him the things that nearly tore us apart

I squeezed his hand when I told him of our dreams

That had been built, and realized by our own meager means

He smiled when I thrilled him with achievements clear to Outer Space

He beamed when he knew we cared for all of every Race

He cried that we seek equality for everyone who shares Love’s heart

I filled him in with the details from end to start

He asked me please to give him the name of this place, to relate

I told him you are in America, Welcome to the United States

© ruth follmann