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Baking in the Dark~words long overdue
bakery boy
bloody breadhttp://www.aljazeera.com/video/middleeast/2013/01/201313172348709890.html

(Syrian Bakeries forced to work in the dark)

On the night before their Christmas

I parked my car and cried

Hundreds simply wanting bread

had been attacked in line and died

Bread for starved citizens

Was now the haunt for airstrike claws

Dropping missiles on families

furthering Assad’s hateful cause

How can a man lead a country

when he destroys ones simply trying to eat?

How is he in power after crushing

more than 60,000 under his feet?

Why is it that all is wrapped in gold foil, ribbon and bow

when more children, women, a COUNTRY

lie buried hastily in winter’s earth below?

Now the bakeries are working brave,

stealth and in the dark

Preparing and delivering this staple, to a people living stark

I’ve held my tongue in respect for the Holiday cheer

I’ve raised a glass to celebrate the coming of a New Year

I’ve passed gifts, sent cards, untied ribbons, cast a smile

But all along my soul has been broken far away in heart tug miles

Broken for those who hold up bloody bread amidst their hungry dead

Crushed for mothers who scoop up little ones gone, still embracing missile torn threads

Raging for the world who has forgotten in its busy pace

The people of Syria are still part of OUR Human Race

And if we are running, tire and want to pass the baton

And forget those running too, to whom shall we be able to pass it on?

Kindergarten playgrounds taught us to all be fair and share

Extend a hand, dust off a playmate fallen, to give back to those who care

But adulthood teaches a creed of a dog eat dog growl at all cost

Wolfing down our portion while others suffer, starve, and are left lost

Left working in the dark at a bakery

The cost of flour up to $30 a bag

Feeding surviving brave hearts

Whose confidence will never lag

Certainty with backbone that they soon, despite our apathy, will see

Their country, torn from a ruling maniac, will flourish again, YES! Syria be Free!

© ruth follmann