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jelly fish

PicMonkey Collage

words have escaped me

frustration has robbed every page

your misery, the hurt in your eyes

has been my deep swallow down typhoon rage

i see you in reflections

everywhere throughout my day

a passed window,  your crying eyes

stainless pane, your iv splinted arm splayed

i hear you in windstorms

or at the quiet darkness of night

crying silently when watching your family being killed

trying to keep hidden, out of sight

so i had to forge it

create a cyber heart string trap

i entered my address and yours

and made my plan on Google map

this route has a ferry, road closures

there may be tolls due

but i don’t care, you are scared, and i want to stop your pain

just hold you

18, 939 miles, 519 hours away, my intentions are not smug

i wish i could stop all the fighting

but all i have to give you is  a hug

i travel to Clarksville, Louisiana, merge on Washington 520 West

sail across the Pacific Ocean

head to Japan to wing the rest

keep right at the fork, South Korea, take the ramp

Mongolia’s the way

hang in there, i’m past Russia and in Kazakhstan

on a roundabout while you play

my heart is my compass because I cannot read the signs

some are just numbers, but i don’t care because

we are running out of time

i pay a toll at O-52/E90 and continue on Unknown road

you are a real child, not a see through jelly fish

somehow the world must be told

how what you see and suffer is as real as the YouTube countless blinks

a window to your heart that should make us all change things

. . .stop and think

i’m almost here! i’m turning right on Bani Hilal

put down that empty shell you are playing with

i’ve brought you my daughter’s childhood doll

just the first right on Al Maamoun Street, there’s so much devastation!

oh, my ache!  i must disguise

because i traveled the world to give you love and a smile to your tear filled eyes

now that were together, dear child, i won’t leave you

in Homs we’ll walk, your hand in mine, talking, brainstorm, think . . .

a message to those people bigger than us, keep our hearts from a sea ship sink

we’ll ponder words to dignitaries, figure out a way to slip

that every child deserves peace and a secure family

and not this evil nightmare’s darkened trip

©ruth follmann