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why are you killing Houla’s children, Putin?

by filling up the Giraffe’s Store

Shabiha with knives, even toys to prison

send babies to martyrdom for Assad’s heinous reason

Babylon hore

voices in Istanbul, voices in France, voices from Geneva,

a stance?

when will voices in Syria get a chance?

to live beyond this sainted scapegoat lore?

while U.N. observers go out for more fries

everyday laborers are shot outside work in lines

this is not Jugular Jenga, Mr.U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

while you believe there is more than one way of solving

more Syrian lives are meeting their doom

there’s no more, moon

talks and games are school room

time to leave the playground! you bullies and politicians ~ loom

the evil, not the innocent, should be in the tomb