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surogate mom
Syria, I alter my motherhood
as you, my freedom fetus, I wanted to hold
all too soon in NICU
incubator, all odds against
I held my breath
... watching you breathe
fighting for each, with rise and fall, of your newborn chest
pushing angrily at propaganda’s tube down your throat
to just finally cry
that pure newborn song of
“IT’S ME!” and “I’M HERE”
there’s no turning back now
you, Syria, are my child
I’ve held you and rocked you in my mind’s eye and heart
as you took your first steps down freedom’s streets
with each banner and protest song’s prayer
you stood resolute and unwavering
like my child at my leg
who will not let go
of the goodness that is family
of the soundness that is love
of the beauty that is an upward smile of life
my child ~ do not let go
by your strength, you mature
by your will, you endure
I hold you, my youthful slender Syria
as you stand tall
your voice cracking and changing with your experience
your confidence
my heart swells
as our clasped hands
mother and child
our fingerprints slide crosshatching each others
my child and what you are
your power to be
has surpassed the mother
I care infinitely
as I cry
here at home
with you so far away
I pray
here at home
while you fight
I love
for you, Syria
my child
soon to be
~ free

surogate mom ~ ruth follmann © 2012