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i feel frustration, Syria

i feel a frustration, like watching a young person in teen angst years. Some sail smoothly to the adult world, and some hit every hard path along the self destructive way, hurting themselves and others too. In the end, the child survives to make you proud beyond prior belief, but the road to get there is blood and tears.

Arab Spring has freed countries once held down in childhood, unable to grow and mature to democratic independent states of possibility. Once freed, we see teen angst. Struggles with control and power. They will mature and thrive, in time, as children do. We hold Syria dearest in our hearts, as the child needing to be free to grow, but being punished to do so.

Our prayer, Syria, as surrogate parents of democratic thought, is that you break free soon, struggle, fight as if your lives depend on it, because they do!

Nature teaching us, turtles hatching underground, digging up, crossing hot sands, food for bird predators, food for sea predators, and still we have turtles! Though they may seem slow to our drive through mentalities, they are steadfast.

Be steadfast our brothers and sisters of Syria! Brush away your newborn shells, push past adolescent gang rivalry, pool resources, plunge into the new unknown sea of freedom and independence, and swim glorious as we cry tears in the background, so proud of you! We knew ~ you could do it all along.