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trayvon martin & cov (wi/w,zi) = (b-a) var (zi)

trayvon martin &  cov (wi/w,zi) = (b-a) var (zi)                   

i’ve been trying to add it up

trayvon martin

we’re broken hearted

& george price

       suspicious in a hoodie

       neighborhood watch

       a walk for skittles

       does not suffice

w. d.  hamilton showed about others, we could truly care

       because a kin selection gene pool together we all share

george price took the findings to numbers

though suffering a form of autism

       created a formula

       for mathematical altruism

on a genetic level

in related and unrelated groups

throughout all humanity

       george price crafted an equation

       of true goodwill, giving love and dignity

his determination to prove it

eventually drove him mad

       he gave all his things to the homeless

       and took his own life ~ overwhelmingly sad

why am i telling you this story with an ending

throat choking,  so grim?

      george price gave his life

       to show our shared gene pool

       can cancel out all racism

the numbers don’t lie

evolution has proved it true

       a million hoodie march of all colors

       for trayvon martin proves it too

suspicion for skin of a different color

does not come from nature’s design

not from our dna

or from our genes

       it comes from our past


       & selfish, money making schemes

put on a hoodie

print trayvon’s picture

hold it to your face

       look into his eyes

       and make a promise

       hatred to erase

be more brave than george price

than his will or sanity

       to stay alive to fight racism,

       promote altruism for humanity

our world is technologically smaller

twitter, facebook, utube, makes me see you, you me

       ill hold your hand and cry

       for trayvon

       if you hold mine too

       so we can walk home at night,

       safe and free

©2012 Ruth Follmann