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Mohajer Ghazi Abou Zied, from Daraa

Mohajer Ghazi Abou Zied, from Daraa

who hasn’t held a chubby handed toddler

swayed them crying, side to side

a teething pain or tummy ache to comfort

a bad dream helped them subside

there’s no better smell than sleepy baby

who finally lays down their tiny head

on your shoulder to begin dreaming

dream not Mohajer’s babies, your father is dead

these little ones could have been yours or mine

in a different place or flip of cosmic dime

we’re seeing it because~something~ we have to say

families are sharing their pain

because Bashar al Assad has  to pay

We cannot let him, his father’s atrocities redo

but for those babies, to end this massacre, we have to move

Assad’s father bulldozed evidence underground

We can see every bullet hole, hear every sound

No international translator for the toddlers three

Crimes against Humanities? Verdict: GUILTY!

©2012 Ruth Follmann