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Syria ~ one year later

camouflage my eyelash

make a drone out of my eye

slip me into Damascus

through a palace window I could fly

shrink me to a mosquito

with the collision strength of an inverse femtobarn

with laser beam acuteness

only one person with intent to harm

revenge for children murdered

women, families plucked from their beds

only wanting dignity, freedom from a torturous regime instead

you cannot arrest me

an international death threat I’ve not composed

freedom of speech is mine

for others who’ve voices were prematurely stole

martyred for a future generation

parents who wanted for their children a better life

were shot, beheaded, beat with volted cables, cut by shabiha’s deadly knife

hospitals changed to rusty tables of torture

as a shopkeeper or postman to fragile life still cling

hoping another day of government ordered punishment

will not on their flesh continue to bring

and what happens


you watch? does your interest wane?  are you bored? no more dread?


rather talk about Rush Limbaugh calling a student a whore instead?

it’s time for a move

Bashar has not his pace slowed down

he is burning rooms of families alive, after shots and in gasoline douse and drown

Idlib could have been your neighborhood if cosmic dice landed differently on life’s table game

If instead this was your name:

18 March


Ayham Alhariri



Mahmud Qeteesh Aljawabra



Monzer Momen Almasalmeh


14 years old, died due to inhailing tear gas


Hussam AbdelWali Ayash


First four martyrs of the Revolution of March 15 ~ nearly one year ago upon onset ~



WHO are WE to be spin doctors, like a Macy’s perfume counter smile

to pass by crimes against humanity

hoping it will stop, be quiet after a while?

we are all part of the human race

a race is when you are running

keeping up a pace

there are other runners too

they are all from different teams

all are sweating, pushing limits, to the finish line’s winning split second dreams

we are all  running

but some of us are being shot, shelled, and tortured off the track

if we remain silent

our strength in collective voice hold back

we relinquish our right to be part of that run

we are not part of the human race

but less than animals have become

because even animals care for their own

in protecting the herd, they are diligent, take pride

we flip past news channels while our own in Syria languish & die

don’t give up your claim as part of the human team

a generation from here & now, hopefully, in a more peaceful scheme

we will have learned that we can cross international ties

cut out the time wasting, life costing, red tape

to stop torture of children, and women who are raped

we have to do something now




before ourselves as human beings

we cannot    call each other    anymore

©2012 Ruth Follmann