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pocket protectors & warlocks

science scares me more than witchcraft

pocket protectors more than warlocks do

genetic re engineering

more harm than herbal spells can do

microscopic murders

fracking of our earth

fucks us up more than

witchdoctors and voo doo doll  pin sticking mirth

so don’t be afraid of Erichtho, Merlin, or Jack O’Kent

but the quiet guy, with Ray Bans, who with your daughter in college

last night spent

they’re the ones writing binary codes

redesigning our genetic pool

making quarks dance on a string

while we sit on our baby boomer dunce stools

our Medicare monies redirected in finance

to a budgeted staff of a stem cell lab

forget tarot cards & star mapping

science has your soul already nabbed

©2012 Ruth Follmann