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Space Elevator of Love

Yuri N. Artsutanov in 1959

sparked the plan for one to love me, Russia’s reason I’m still alive

for an interplanetary woman well beyond the earth’s GSO

it seemed hopeless the love of an earthling man I could ever know

Yuri flipped Tsiolkovsky's idea of a castle in the sky

to a tensile structure, a plumb bob’s weight, in space, up high

add a carbon nanotube cable

attach it to my heart

and my patient scientific lover

began to woo me from the start

he lets me freely orbit out there

feeling so in control

he is safe from my past, Van Allen belt radiation

on his planet far below

our connection is stronger than any NASA laser beam could score

our commitment withstands lunar gravitation ~ built from burning asteroidal ore

I laugh as Obayashi Corporation has a plan for 2050 space elevator rides into the blue

tourists traveling 20k miles without the aid of rocket fuel

all I have to say is, ‘We were here first!’ ~in love~

& ‘Don’t spoil our view!’

©2012 Ruth Follmann



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(Deleted comment)
I am so pleased you enjoyed that work. It is now part of a compilation in an eBook at the Apple Bookstore. It is listed free, as is all of my work. It is also available in the Blurb bookstore, the publishing platform I have been using. Cosmic Words by Ruth Follmann. It is part of a poetry trilogy. The first being Quantum Thoughts: deep inner thoughts mixed with quantum physics, then, Cosmic Words: world events mixed with cosmology, and finally Prehistoric Times: my earliest memories before: food, sex, fire and death with a Neanderthal twist. Only Cosmic Words and Prehistoric Times have been picked up by Apple so far, the rest are in the Blurb Ebook store. Thank you again. Maybe one day we will get to ride a real Space Elevator! Yours humbly, r follmann

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