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gamma ray sandals


The Crab Nebula and a boy in Palu

both freed when high energy, strong gamma-ray winds rose up & blew

the boy jailed because of old sandals from an Indonesian cop

The locals in Central Sulawesi's capital screamed, ENOUGH! ACCQUITAL! STOP!

You can’t beat & lock up a 15 year old boy with drug pushers and rapists

because an ignorant man tells sandals took, later in court weren’t really his

the people rallied, piled sandals of all colors in stacks high

sandals colored the same as Hubble shows us the pulsar’s electric cosmic eye

Crab nebula you perplex astronomers with your radiation generating storm

The people of Indonesia, free a boy, to police brutality they won’t conform

So Sgt. Ahmad Rusdi Harahap

when you pick on a teenage boy

beat him with plank & kick to a trench

because your sandals you can’t map

remember you are dealing with cosmic forces

stronger than a summer’s tropical rain

comic winds and people’s combined strength pulses

will of you, of your power drain

All the colors of the sandals and God’s Crab Nebula shine up and down on you

a universal judgment for your crime against innocents now due

©2012 Ruth Follmann