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Baba Amr has fallen

Baba Amr has fallen

and Assad’s thugs comb the rubble they’ve made

gathering any male over the age of 12

to shoot execution style, send to their graves

or really as they do to torture and leave

rot on the streets

or have their families run through snipers at dusk

to bury their children under their floorboards in bare feet

they are drinking the rainwater

they are suffering from the cold

they are standing up for freedom

for them the fight will never get old

their faith is beyond my comprehension

I’ve cursed God for a bad day at work

my family intact, none ever in war tortured or hurt

in shame I humble my stresses

in awe I watch as you rise, stomp and cheer

you call for God to hear you


I wish I had a dragon

that could sweep and fight your cause

I wish I could summon natural forces

tornados to blow back the clawing paws

I am small, without money, but I do have a voice

I can rhyme a word

I can speak out

that is MY CHOICE

I wish I could do it with you

from the streets I would wave a flag

I would rush enemy snipers

to safety your loved ones drag

I can feel your pain

I can see the strength in your eyes

Assad will fall like the coward he is

soon will perish all of his disguise

please know that though you cannot see us

our hearts are strong for you

we feel you like a parent feels a child

hurting far away, but still so close in the minds eye view

we are holding you deep in our souls

we are praying for your strength

we are calling for your courage

to stretch beyond any human length

keep strong the fight

cheer for all that is right

know that each and every one of you

I hold in my heart tonight

©2012 Ruth Follmann