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sentimental snowflake
sentimental snowflake
i think you broke my heart
knowing you get tucked in with shells exploding
and sounds of gunfire in the dark
nothing but strength and hope come from
the cherish of your smile
a symbol of the innocence
caught in this bloodstained heinous trial
i wish to shake free the evil hands that hold you
like a beetle from a plant
cutting leaf after newborn leaf
leaving lifeless, as mothers wail and rant
the ‘beetle’s’ hardened case won’t save it beneath our booted feet
we’ll stomp as it tries to crawl & hide
in it’s propaganda news feed
we will rescue you, my beautiful Syrian flower
as you try to drink in snow
we will crush every parasite from your petals
and let you beautiful~continue to grow
stay strong and brave, dear snow bud
promise, rare winter blooming, in your eyes
the end is near for your struggle
every villain is torn always from their disguise

©2012 Ruth Follmann