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Cirque Shems'y, The Circus of My Sun

300 children die of malnutrition every hour

the sun’s heart is 27 million degrees

kids shot in war, bodies trafficked, dumped by moms

adults ~ let them be

one man ~ Alain ~ is building

Morocco is a touchstone for all to see

children don’t have to perish on streets

supernovas they can be

in space one starts like an onion

with heavier elements closer to the core

silicon burning, the meat is iron

until its own weight, it can bear no more

gravity opposing, crushing, implosion

a nuclear forge of elements iron-peak

titanium, chromium, iron

copper, & zinc

building materials exploded from hell

repurposed into me and you

children saved from 20% not in education

to on high wires flying free, feel new

they spin and flip like neutrons

twirling, juggle, nearly collide ~ heat-energy, then mass ~ transform

kids first rough & tumble, into circus stars are born

we are because of supernova

and it’s suicidal deep space forge

too many kids have died, for humanity

anymore for us to afford

applause to Cirque Shems’y

and any with an idea, to the world table, ~ bring

let our children live, smile, dance,

scintillate, yes ~ sing

©2012 Ruth Follmann