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trauma holds
once upon a time there was
once upon a time
Jehovah said i am
once upon a time
i changed up that story
once upon a time i ran

trauma holds
its victims bloody
in ripped dresses
& whitewashed kingdom halls
shoulder to shoulder soldiers in war
the Donner Party
which wasn’t one at all

we forge in heat
pull each other together
survive but to thrive
we have to unglue
be vulnerable to share
remembering rapes
and the absent God
during which we prayed to

a fable tells of one
having fallen deep in a well
crying out for help
when an answer
downward echo spiraling fell

“how do i know
you can help me?
why should i think
you care?”
“because...” the answer came
“i was you.
i used to be there.”

our stories free like machetes
ones caught in our once bramble Watchtower thorns
our stories pound like raindrops
on others parched by shunning
peevish scorns

though our injuries unique
let’s not keep them opaque
may we spread our wavelength
our radio frequency
to gain momentum
and Watchtower break

added weight to one side
offsets scales
many non-jws understand
the plight
why not align all our
Human stories
and end religious blight?

we have grown beyond inherited sin
the invisible bully
in the sky
we have humbled in our mortality
to see the beauty of now
understanding why

trauma holds you
by the hair often
pressing life’s gravel
in your face
reminding each other as fragile
& to love this
7 billion strong
human race

©️ ruth follmann