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Peace is a Fundamental Particle
there are six types of quarks
elementary particles
fundamental parts of matter

there are many types of people
they make up the world

the UP ~ Down quarks are stable
they make protons and neutrons that form matter
a proton: two Up quarks and one Down quark
a neutron: two Down quarks and one Up

men and women divide our species
they create children that support life on our planet

some quarks can only be created in high energy collisions
they are Strange, Charm, Top, and Bottom

some people are unique by the strength they have acquired by life slamming into them
like a high energy collision
some of those people are children
some of those children are in Syria

only quarks can experience electromagnetism, gravitation, strong and weak interactions
they change color as they strengthen the particle they are in

children in Syria are pulling us to themselves with an unstoppable gravity
they are changing race and color barriers as we see ourselves, our children, in their eyes

their strength, like a cosmic ray, can beam to us a will & hope stronger than those who oppress them
their gravitational pull at our hearts can not be resisted as we must reach out to help them

but those special quarks can decay quickly, like after the Big Bang
our children in Syria MUST NOT decay as a result of this revolution

as a species, we survived the Big Bang
elements cooled and formed fundamental particles for life
Syria MUST survive this revolution into freedom
those special children created during this time of high collision must grow to
become world leaders
ones who demand peace for our ENTIRE planet

you can see it in their eyes
they are our building blocks of life
they are our future of peace
The one we need to FIGHT to save

quarks were a theory until physicists proved otherwise
the death of children in Syria was said to be propaganda, until the YouTube Revolution

please watch the following and support the people of Syria in their struggle to be free
please speak out ~ for the children

©2012 Ruth Follmann

Stop killing children of Syria by the Assad regime