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Peace On The Beach
‎'chose' to close this year with a petition
a cry for peace on the beach
armed with the photo of my dearest lost friend, Beth Tures, pinned to my shoulder & a Syrian flag scarf over an ankle long black dress, I walked Fort Myers Beach,
pamphlets in tow, engaging people to think, support & pray for peace in Syria.
Some turned away, some stared past me, some spoke of their knowledge of Syria's
fight for freedom and it's cost for their people and children. Some listened as I cried out to the waves, and beach sounds: "Peace for Syria! Over 5000 killed! They are torturing children!" One family stopped their walk along the beachfront as I asked them, "Do you know what is happening in Syria?" I spoke. They didn't. I began to walk and the father called out, "Can I have one of those?" He took a pamphlet and walked more engaged now with our world family than before. I was most touched when talking to a family of mother and teenagers, that I left standing in thought, of what OTHERS are fighting for,
& that maybe we take for granted, to find her son running after me to
get written infomation on the struggle for freedom in Syria. He asked me again,
"What is this all about?" I explained. He took a pamphlet and thanked me as he
ran back to his family.

Many said they would pray for Syria. Many said they would pray for peace and
the safety of children. Many more now, are aware. Raise your voice. This year closes, but our mouths will not, as we speak, we pray, we call out for change
and an end to the torture and murder of the people of Syria.
Blessings for all who I know and love in the year to come, 2012, with a new
call for peace.

©2011 Ruth Follmann