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Particle Cosmological Theory
Arab spring is the Cosmological Constant
Einstein's blunder is your every increasing freedom
with 73% of our universe as dark energy
the drive at expansion held together by dark matter
a property of space, energy constant
until the big bang set you free
the big bang is Mohamed Bouazizi
immolation of a peddler who said "enough"
the acceleration is Hamza Al-Khatib
innocent child tortured, now martyr, held in our hearts
pulling these galaxies of politicians apart
their hold on us seems like centuries
as we revolve around their suffocating regimes
all with the forced obedience of gravity itself
but the universe is expanding
Arab spring is in full bloom
your brilliant light as world leaders
can no more stop the will of the people to be free
as the galaxies cannot stop dark energy's pull of them apart
you are out numbered
your time has passed
the people permeate and expand undiluted
THEY are a dark energy for freedom's expansion
tune in to the Hubble Telescope or CNN
now only time will tell if
in fire or ice we end

©2011 Ruth McGarry